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The Sethians / Johannine Secessionists & The Neoplatonists: Trimorphic Protennoia & The Father

This work discusses in depth issues concerning the treatise Trimorphic Protennoia & The Father;  The Apocryphon of John is also extensively addressed. Johannine & Sethian theological tenets are instrumental. The concepts tie in, directly, with Neoplatonism. The Ancient Greek Philosopher Plato's works are key, as are The Father (Protennoia, Kalyptos,) Christ (Autogenes,) and Epinoia (Direct Spiritual Revelation.) The case is made that the Johannine secessionists are one and the same with the Sethians, and they later became the Neoplatonists just before the Western Roman Empire fell. Many resided in Alexandria, the spiritual & scholarly capital of the era, much closer to Constantinople in the Eastern Empire. In fact, Egypt was part of what later became known as the Byzantine Empire in the fifteenth century. Constantinople's fall to the Ottoman Turks in 1453 is generally regarded as the cut-off date, as those in the Byzantine Empire referred to themselves as Romans.