The Johannine Secessionists, Sethians, and Neoplatonists in Christianity

  The Sethian / Johannine Secessionist Canon This blog discusses in depth issues concerning the Johannine secessionists and/or The Sethians and how such theological concepts tie in, directly, with Neoplatonism. The Ancient Greek Philosopher, Plato, is key, as is The Father (Protennoia, Kalyptos,) Christ (Autogenes,) and Epinoia (Direct Spiritual Revelation)—and they are discussed throughout. Furthermore, Plotinus’ potential treatise  Trimorphic Protennoia  is referenced in many of the Sections including the Direct Revelations. Copyright 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 by Epinoia Table of Contents Prologue from 1999, p. 4 Introduction, p. 8 Johannine Secessionist / Sethian / Valentinian, p. 10 Prélude to  ApJohn , p. 12 Preliminary Thoughts on  ApJohn  &  TriProt , p. 13 Light Vis-à-Vis the counterfeit spirit, p. 15 Analysis of the Concepts of the Demiurge & the counterfeit spirit, p. 22 The counterfeit spirit, p. 24 Further Excerpts from  ApJohn , p. 25 Pronoia &am